Let's get your finances where you've always wanted them to be.

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Master -Level Tax & Accounting Tailored To You

Enjoy Financial Confidence 

"There's never been a better time to achieve the financial solidity you've always wanted.

First I listen to you.

Then I clean up messes and optimize your taxes so you legally win. 

Then I'll offer step by step instructions on gaining "next level" security that everyone should have in place."
              Linda Marcolina

Tax Preparation

Step 1
  • Personal, Business, and/or Corporate...we make sure you're 100% legal while maximizing your advantages.


Step 1
  • Bookeeping, Payroll, Sales & Use Tax...we do it all, and we do it right, so you never have to think about it.

Financial Advice

Step 1

I'll answer any question, help you with all of your finances, and walk you through "higher level" security if you want.

Are you 100% confidant that:

*You have no worries if the IRS calls?

*You're getting every advantage that's legally yours?

*You have professional, trustworthy advice at your fingertips?

*You're overall finances are smart and serving your future?

*You've taken care of "next level" security like wills, directives, etc?

With Marcolina Tax & Accounting you can rest easy knowing you're finances are rock-solid.

Experienced, Professional, Trustworthy

Linda Marcolina has the experience and legal training you want when it comes to taxes, business accounting, and your overall finances.

She'ss been a tax professional since 1988...

For 13 years she taught tax advisors for one of the largest tax companies in the United States.

As a mom who spends a lot of her time with family, Linda understands that money helps us do what we love in our lives, and the more secure our finances are the easier it is to concentrate on what we love.

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We make it easy to get your finances where you've always wanted them to be.

Come in for a free consultation and get Linda's advice on any concern or issue you're facing right now.

It's free, just like the game plan Linda will draw out for you.

If you'd like the advice and want us help getting it done we're here for you, but there's no obligation.

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